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Canal Days 2014

Look what Shirley Turner, on Facebook, had to say about WKC at Portage,

Yesterday morning,Jenn and I went to a kite flying event in Portage WI.
In the past Jenn has asked me to get a kite and go flying,but before yesterday we hadn’t done that.
Yesterday morning, we went to an event and Jenn built her first kite with the help of some volunteers,and had a great time !
We took said kite to the area where a group called “Wisconsin Kiters” were sitting up their kites for the day.
Jenn sat on a bench and watched them with eagerness. She pointed out her favorite kites… and soon she asked to get out her kite she had made to fly with them.
I took her to an area away from the clubs kites, but close enough that Jenn could be flying her kite with them…. she had a blast.
After flying her kite for a while… we walked back over the area where the kite club was at…. Jenn talked to many of the club members.. and enjoyed being shown how to hold a kits string and fly a “big” kite.

There was one lady LeAnn… she took notice of Jenn and spent time talking to her. This lady was a fantastically awesome lady with Jenn ! The person that had helped Jenn build her kite had made a mistake.. and LeAnn fixed it for Jenn without being asked. LeAnn took the time to talk with Jenn about Jenn’s shoes etc and Jenn took to her like a duck to water.
LeAnn went and got a kite from another of the club member… and brought it over to Jenn and gave it to her…. then instructed us on how to fly it !!
Jenn flew her new kite for a very long time… laughing and enjoying it so very much.
Various members of the kite club walked by us as Jenn flew her kite… and everyone of them stopped and talked Jenn… telling her that her kite was beautiful and that she was doing a great job flying the kite.

I want to personally Thank LeAnn and her club, for all they done for Jenn. Taking the time to show her things.. talking to her.. and for the great kite they gave her.

Every once in a while great people are placed in our lifes…. and the The Wisconsin Kiters Club are the newest people that have taken the time to see a person with special needs…. and took the time to treat that person with greatness.

Thank you LeAnn… and the other members of your club from the bottom
of my heart !

We hope to see you all at Two rivers On Labor Day weekend and I will be posting photos of Jenn flying her kite many times before then !!



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